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Bring teaching artist Cynthia Lowa to your middle school theater classroom today. Your free music toolkit includes a lesson plan, in-class and online activities, and tech tutorials for music teaching apps that will rock your world!

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    You're an middle school theater teacher, and you are overwhelmed with finding the right teaching resources or creating your own. The budget is slim. You’re expected to be it all and do it all. It’s exhausting. You’re tempted to quit, but don’t. You can get your color back.

    I partner with arts educators and teaching artists like Cynthia Lowa to give you all the tools you need to make teaching theater fun and easy. Download the kit to get the goodies and my contact info so I can connect you to a community of educators who can support you every step along the way.

    Together we can turn our World Upside Down.

    Joanna Puello, Founder